Mission Statement:

The MCPD's mission is to be an educational and solution orientated advisory board serving as a network,which is a catalyst and referral organization, promoting self advocacy, equality and accessibility for all people regardless of their disability.

The MCPD Purpose:

The Mayor's Council for People with Disabilities (MCPD) serves as an advisory board to the Mayor's Office, the Governing Body and Cheyenne City staff for the inclusion of, as well as, on the problems and concerns of persons with a disability as they relate to activities of daily living; including Accessibility, Recreation, Commerce, Employment, Transportation and Self-Advocacy for people with disabilities and their families in the Cheyenne community.

To bring awareness and educate the community on issues relevant to people with a disability.

About the Council:

Established in 1993. The 15 Member Board is appointed by the Mayor and Confirmed by the City Council. Our three (3) Executive Officers and 12 Members serve staggering three (3) year terms. Members consist of people with disabilities, members of the general public, family members and non-profit organizations, as well as state and local agencies.

If you are interested in serving on the MCPD, please fill out an application and submit it to the mayor's office.

Applications are available in the Mayor's office.

Contact Us
637-6200 or 637-6343
Cheyenne Wy, 82001

Patti Riesland

Mary E. Richey

Steve Bates

WYSAIL Representative
Howard A. Hill Sr.

Daryl Hensel

Denise Freeman

Council Liaison
Pete Laybourn Council Representative

Board Members
Julie Tucker

Michelle Woerner

Jared Dixon

Justine Whitacre

Kevin Yarbrough

Marsha Dial

Charity Henning

Sally Soto

MCPD Monthly Meeting
2nd Wednesday
11:30-1:00 pm
Laramie County Library