Hensel Twins Donate Puzzle to Fundraise for Mayor's Council for People with Disabilities

The new accessible restrooms at the city building were designed in cooperation with the
Mayor's Council for People with Disabilities.



The MCPD was consulted on the remodeling of the City Halls restrooms, taking into consideration a variety of physical disabilities and mobility devices, including Service Dogs. The Restroom Evaluation Study group was formed to continue offering this service to others. REST consist of members from the MCPD that visit restrooms of Cheyenne Businesses and determine how accommodating the design is to a person with a physical disability. Some of the features that are evaluated are; types of door handles, placement of toilet paper and paper towels, how easily someone in a wheelchair can fit through the doorway, open and close the door, use the sink and reach the trashcan, accommodate someone who has a Service Dog. For business that would like to have the MCPD evaluate their restroom, please contact us at

Bill Would Penalize Misrepresenting a Service Animal

In the works followed by this article of the groundbreaking:–breaks–for–cahill–park–accessible–playground/article_6c3deb9c–9c03–11e6–b9c8–a3257d684c61.html

CHEYENNE – A steady stream of blue snaked its way through the Frontier Mall Saturday morning. No, there wasn't a burst pipe or a water main break; about 300 people clad in light blue T-shirts strode purposefully through the halls of the mall to raise awareness for people with disabilities.
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  • MCPD Universal Playground Presentation

    Back row: Daniel Martinez, Monica Prente Friendship Playground Committee, Senator Floyd Esquibel, Annette William MCPD city council liaison.
    Front row: Therese Moore city of Cheyenne, Beth Pratt, Anne Picot Chairperson MCPD.

  • Anne Picot speaking for Universal Playground.

  • Anne Picot speaking with Charter Communication Executive on the right and Representative from Friendship Playground Committee.

  • Back row: Kiwanis Representative, Mayor Kaysen, Representative Friendship Playground, Charter Communication Representative.
    Front row: MCPD Chairwoman Anne Picot.

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